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  Free Website Tips and Tools

Backlink Checker

Find out who's linking to you and their Google PageRanks.

Link Popularity Checker

How popular are you? Find out who links to you on various search engines and where you stand in comparison to other sites.

Rank Checker

use this tool to determine your Google PageRank, Alexa ranking, and the number of times you're listed on various search engines.

PageRank Prediction

Use this tool to predict your future Google PageRank.

PageRank Checker

The Google Pagerank varies from one Google server to another. Check your website's Pagerank on multiple servers.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags allows for better indexing by robot-driven search engines and can boost your ranking in search results. Quickly generate meta tags for your web page.

"Bookmark Us" Script

If you don't remind people to bookmark your site, they may forget. This little script will help you retain some visitors.


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